photography effects

For every photographer, skill in adding photography effects is a must. With the right effect, a basic image can turn into something very different. It will be like coming from another era or world.

Retro Photo Effect

Retro photo effect is among the most favorite and often used in many photos. You don’t even have to use Photoshop to add it because many mobile applications allow you to do it easily. To add this effect, it requires only 3 steps and the image will soon transform into a unique and artistic retro photo effect. This type of effect is recommended to be added to images with people as objects.

Lomo Effect

Lomo photography effect has been existing for the past 10 years. So, it’s considerably a new effect but its popularity is quite high. This effect was first started by Russian photography who shot objects using the cheap Russian toy camera. Apparently, the result was very unique. Lomo or Lomography style photo features high contrast, dark vignettes, soft focus and unique coloring. All these features result in very beautifully unique photos.

Dark Processed Lomo Effect

Another type of Lomo effect, this one is also very popular. It features vignette burns, blue tones and high contrast. So, there is not much different to the classic lomo effect. The processing to create this effect is similar to the basic lomo by adding the unusual saturation and cool color casts. For advertisement design and fashion shots, this effect is among the best choices.

Retro Analog Effect

This photo effect is another unique effect that actually adds imperfections to the photos to make it unique. In general, it features blurs, vignettes, light leaks and color washes which are indeed features that used to come up from cheap cameras like Holga. But today, these imperfect features make photos uniquely beautiful and attractive. Simply use tools in Photoshop to create it within minutes.

Antique Effect

An old photo always has its way to tell a story. To create such photo, the antique photography effects are simply the best option. With some basic features like good grunge texture and adjustment layers, the photo can appear so different.

While it is true adding the effects for beginners can be difficult, it is also true that many software like Photoshop has just the right tools to add the effects in easy ways. Simply name for the effect you want from vintage, light leaks, lomo to HDR and those will be found in Photoshop.


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