diecast photography

Every type of photography should be taken seriously including diecast photography. In this photography style, the photographer shoots model cars and toys.

Tools to Prepare

The challenge and fun in shooting these kinds of objects is just as much as shooting other objects. In fact, if you take it seriously and be professional in it, you can earn money from shooting such products. Of course, to produce high quality images, good cameras are must. Even though camera phone may produce good quality images but it is not as good as real camera.

Just before you start the shooting session, there are some tools that need to be prepared. The tools are must if you want to produce great images of the diecast objects. First of all, prepare the camera. In this case, choose camera with manual setting like DSLR. The settings usually include focus, exposure (shutter) and aperture. Look for other features as well like inter-changeable lenses. Get a tripod to hold the camera at zero movement and prepare the photo box or light box. Those are the basic tools you can never leave behind.

Be Creative

Every photographer is required to be creative when shooting any objects to produce the best images. Use any effects you think working like filter, deflect or bounce the light. Make use of simple additional tools to get the effect like white cloth, plastic corrugated boards or white card boards. Be creative with the lighting as well. Basically, there are some different sources for lighting you can choose like the natural lighting, lamps, strobe or flash. But always the natural lighting is always the best.

Background and Surface

There is no limit in terms of the type of surface you use. For instance, the choices include felt paper and sheets. The felt paper is recommended for indoor shooting that uses photo boxes as it can absorb excess light without any glaring. As for the background, the choices are also unlimited from the natural or plain to graphical background.

Photo Box

No need to pay too much money for a photo box or light box. You can even go with the cheapest at only $10 each and the quality is fairly good enough. If you look for higher quality of photo box, that’s also okay and you will find many brands offering the products you want. It is better to have more than just one photo box so you have more options when shooting diecast photography.


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